Sterling Silver Curb Chain Ring featuring Diamond or CZ set in beautiful Heart. {This product can be Gold Plated and made with Genuine 0.10 Carat Diamond} PLEASE ALLOW 1-4 WEEKS FOR YOUR ITEM TO BE MADE AND SHIPPED.Why Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds?From child labour practices to human rights violations to peripheral bloodshed to work-related accidents to health risks, diamond mining delivers no shortage of both controversy and conflict. When all is said and done, diamond mining exploits the poor, enables wars, and results in 1 injury per every 1000 workers on an annual basis. The mines themselves are vulnerable to collapse and workers are at risk for everything from lung disease to cancer to hearing loss. By comparison, lab-grown diamonds create zero injuries, spark zero wars, and exploit zero workers. Diamond mining is also incredibly damaging to the environment.

Corazon Ring