Tooth Jewelry

Single Open face/Inlay $155 Dental Impression kit and prepaid postage Included


  1. Contact me for prices (preferably through instagram DM) and details.

  2. Pay the 50% deposit and I will send you the mould kit. I accept Cashapp and Venmo

  3. We recommend that you visit a dentist to get an accurate dental impression to ensure your grillz fit . 

  4. Watch the video on how to use the mould kit and follow these instructions carefully.

  5. Send me a picture on IG DM of the impression specifically of the teeth you want done, not your actual teeth! I have to make sure the impression is perfect for the cap to click on, I need a defined gum line or you will have to do another mould.

  6. Complete the form detailing exactly what you want done, I will do exactly what's on the paper in the package not what's on DM..

  7. If you need a fitting/adjustment after purchase then contact me to arrange this. If you break the piece I will not make it again, so if you feel like you need a fitting please wait.

  8. If you order a piece and then think it doesn't suit you I can't offer a refund so please don't break it.   

Return Policy

Shipping and Processing Information

​After receiving your order please give me at least 4-7 working days to prepare and send your mould kit. All U.S. and international orders are sent VIA USPS. Your ready-made caps will be sent to the same address used when placing your order. It will take me up to 14 working days to process your order after receiving your freshly done dental impression, I aim to complete the process within 10-15 working days, however, the process can take up to 20 working days depending on my schedule.

To process your order quickly, please send your job sheet with all the relevant details (order number, name and an indication to where you want your custom-made cap/s).

 Please Contact me @_juanalexander_


I am unable to offer any refunds or exchange on custom orders. This is simply because the product has been designed to suit my clients. I also source the materials after processing your order, so your deposit will be used to fulfil the order. I guarantee 100% that my product will fit on the mould you send to me, but I cannot guarantee that it will fit perfectly in your mouth. If the problem occurred while processing your order, I will always resolve the problem accordingly and notify you of any possible delay. I will not attempt to process your order if the dental impression is not well done and if the gum line is not visible. In this case, you will have to contact me for another mould kit and follow the instructions to get your teeth impression 100% accurate(your total includes one extra mold kit for mistakes).